Network Solutions & Installations

With most homes and businesses now using more than one PC or laptop it makes sense to share common resources like the internet, printers and hard drive space. If you have more than one PC / Laptop then the benefits to having a network means you simply couldn't live without one.

Networks provide:

  • Shared internet access - Using only one internet connection, you can have multiple PC's connected through it all at the same time with barely any noticeable drop in performance for web browsing, emails and online gaming
  • Shared printer access - All your PC's can easily print from the same printer - saving money and space for additional printers 
  • File Sharing - Need the same file on more than one PC? Do you need people to be able to access specific files on other machines? - File sharing will enable you to do this and much more!
  • There are two types of network available, a wired network and a wireless network but these can also be mixed into a hybrid network which can often be an ideal solution to many networking issues.


  • Great for tighter control and security.
  • Recommended for PC's that will not be moved around a lot.
  • Fast, Stable access
  • Not limited by range
  • Not ideal for the home or an office that uses laptops
  • Wires can be cabled through the ceiling, under floors and along walls


  • Ideal for the home, no wires
  • Great for businesses who use laptops or have visitors who need internet access
  • Very secure if installed correctly
  • Typically suitable for up to 10 users
  • Range is limited but would easily reach most areas of a 3 bedroom terraced house

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